Strengthening Youth, Minority and Women’s Organizations in Pakistan

Grantee: Chanan Development Association

The project aimed to improve the understanding and capacity of 150 civil society organizations (CSOs) to mobilize youth, women and minority groups so that they could participate in democratic processes at the grassroots level in 25 districts. Its intended outcomes were: improved understanding among civil society on democracy and advocacy skills for good governance; and increased participation of youth, women and minorities and their organizations in democratic processes.

The design was ambitious in geographic scope and in the number of CSO participants, especially for the level of funding. This limited the number of activities that each CSO could undertake because it spread the funding out between so many different organizations and locations. This resulted in a number of CSOs losing interest in the project. The project also did not tailor its activities to the different needs and context of the different districts and target groups. All of the above affected the project’s relevance.