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Trainings were viewed as inflexible and were not tailored to regional issues. The same curriculum was used across all trainings, regardless of the local context. Training would have been more …
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Although risks were accurately identified, there was no alternative strategy developed as a fall back, specifically regarding the continued participation of the University of Tirana as an implementing partner and …

If a women’s empowerment project engages both women-only organizations and mixed organizations, it should discuss with stakeholders at the beginning of the project how to manage the dual discourse.


In low-income countries, women’s empowerment projects should develop collaborations with organizations specialized in literacy to enable rural women to acquire computer skills.


In Haiti, as in many low-income countries, IT is under-utilized as a tool to empower rural women. Making it more accessible strengthens the capacity for action and self-esteem of rural …

A community and resource centre open not only to women refugees but also to local women is a significant opportunity to fight xenophobic sentiment and discriminatory discourse.

Projects aiming for a sub-grant component should research local law regarding fundraising and grant-giving at the design stage to prevent issues at the implementation stage.

Using social media tools for psychosocial support enhances interaction with academia around the world and thus strengthens both the project and similar networks worldwide.

A strong commitment by a refugee empowerment project to humanitarian principles of impartiality, neutrality and independence gains them trust and respect among both internal and external stakeholders, and will help …

Involving host country citizens in the leadership of a refugee empowerment project is a good model of coexistence and sharing, allowing for refugees to build a relationship with the host …