The project did not develop synergies with other efforts in the sector, which included another UNDEF-funded media project and a youth radio funded by other donors in Albania. It had training programmes on investigatory journalism and professional standards, and produced broadcasts on issues of community and national importance with which this project could have linked to exchange programming and training opportunities. There was also Radio Aktive, an independent radio funded by the National Endowment for Democracy and the Open Society Foundation run by the NGO Mjaff. It was intended to provide citizens a voice and raise awareness on civic and social issues. It aired daily reports from youth, including journalism students from the University of Tirana who served as reporters. It also created an online radio portal “Radiostation.”16 UNICEF also funded “Speak Out” (TROC) which supported younger students in Albania to produce a weekly show broadcast on the national public TV station. It trained youth in reporting and supplied technical equipment to 11 bureaus across Albania. They produced 150 reports giving the youth perspective on a broad range of issues.