Project: Learning Democracy DemoLab in Hungary
Evaluation Date: September 2020
Report: [report link]
Lesson Learned:

The Hungarian and other Eastern European public education systems have been facing a series of challenges (many of which are also shared by their Western European counterparts),

such as the lack of experience-based experimental education practices. Projects that open new perspectives for young people – to obtain new inspiration, ideas and skills that help

them to adapt to the real trends and challenges of the 21st century – are much in need everywhere in Europe.

Theme: Youth engagement
Project: Advancing the rights of women in the West Bank periphery, Palestine
Evaluation Date: February 2015
Report: [report link]
Lesson Learned:

There will need to be more effort to engage men in understanding both the importance of urban planning and the need to involve women in urban planning processes.  While some of the women believed that the best way to do this is to offer training to the men too, this would reduce the women’s comparative advantage. A better way to proceed may be to consider a focus on youth in the community who are more open to the concept of gender equity and who will be the local councillors of the future.

Theme: Women's empowerment