Project: Learning Democracy DemoLab in Hungary
Evaluation Date: September 2020
Report: [report link]
Lesson Learned:

The Hungarian and other Eastern European public education systems have been facing a series of challenges (many of which are also shared by their Western European counterparts),

such as the lack of experience-based experimental education practices. Projects that open new perspectives for young people – to obtain new inspiration, ideas and skills that help

them to adapt to the real trends and challenges of the 21st century – are much in need everywhere in Europe.

Theme: Youth engagement
Project: Improving the Participation of 155 Women's Groups
Evaluation Date: October 2013
Report: [report link]
Lesson Learned:

The most significant result of the project was the election of a woman to the position of mayor of her village. Another woman was named as second head of her village, which had been completely inconceivable before. It will be important to consolidate and further expand these results, as it can be expected that more women will want to exercise their civil rights and wish to become potential candidates during future elections. However, women are often handicapped by illiteracy and they also need a certain level of financial autonomy in order to stand as candidates in the up-coming elections.

Theme: Women's empowerment