Project: Fostering the Electoral Participation of Internally Displaced Persons in Georgia
Evaluation Date: November 2021
Report: [report link]
Lesson Learned:

This project, as designed and presented had the potential to develop into a forward-looking program with a far-reaching positive impact on increasing the target population’s participation in elections as voters and as candidates. Though most of the expected outputs were successfully delivered, their impact was rather limited. LAG put efforts into producing the outputs in quantity, but due to the lack of programmatic approach and appropriate followup missed an opportunity to ensure their long-term applicability. In some cases, especially as regards the two main assets developed within the project’s framework – the Trainers’ Pool and the capacitated CSOs, this resulted in insufficient performance. Applying the mechanisms and capacity developed within the project’s framework during the 2021 municipal and subsequent elections would be instrumental in increasing the sustainability of the project’s results and its longer-term impact.

Theme: Community activism
Project: Learning Democracy DemoLab in Hungary
Evaluation Date: September 2020
Report: [report link]
Lesson Learned:

Creating networks and achieving ‘network effects’ takes a lot of time that is often difficult to realize within the short period of time of a project. Therefore, projects need to build on

existing networks; or follow-up activities (with a focus on strengthening networks) could be considered. Similarly, peer-to-peer dissemination (e.g. school-to-school; teacher-to-teacher) is

challenging especially beyond presenting outcomes at events. Related activities need timely planning and targeting.

Theme: Youth engagement