Constructing Citizenship in San Luis de Potosí

Grantee: Educación y Ciudadanía A.C.

The aim of the project was to empower CSOs to promote democracy in Mexico through real and effective civic engagement, the exercise of human rights, and support for political dialogue. The project also sought to encourage the active participation of youth and women in local democracy- and citizenship-building activities to improve their ability to influence policy and impact local governance. The project offered a framework for improving the exercise of citizenship and mobilizing key civil society stakeholders, who realized the role they could play in devising, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating public policies. The training and citizen networking initiatives to increase participation and influence in the public sphere, the preparation of thematic agendas, and the drafting of legislative proposals were important models for democratic practices in a society characterized by civic passivity in the last 10 years. The project beneficiaries as a group were willing to get more directly involved in public affairs and the project has provided them with the tools and publications they need.. However, better links between and organization of the CSOs needs to take place to improve their ability to act in the social and political sphere.