Enhancing Political Participation of Marginalised Women in Nepal

Grantee: Association of District Development Committees of Nepal

The project organized women into informal Women’s Democracy Forums to build a culture of collaboration between marginalized women from different social backgrounds in five Nepalese districts. It intended to give women a voice at the district and village level by providing information, education, and communication materials and offering training courses on women’s rights. Project activities combined traditional and alternative means of communication, such as street theater. This oral mode of education was adapted to the needs of remote communities. The project’s visibility was also enhanced by the production of weekly radio programs; 72 episodes on the political empowerment of women and democratic processes were produced and broadcast over a six–month period.
Local authorities and grassroots resource persons increased their commitment to the political inclusion of women. All of these activities were innovative in these Nepalese districts and were skillfully carried out by the implementing team. All activities were successfully concluded and delivered results over and above expectations.