Supporting local democratic governance in the mining regions of northern Upper Guinea

Grantee: Centre d'Appui pour le Developpement Economique et Social

The project’s overall objective was to strengthen local democratic governance in mining regions in northern Upper Guinea in order to promote socio-economic development. Specifically the project aimed to enhance civic participation and transparency in public administration in the three urban municipalities of Dabola, inguiraye and Kouroussa.
The grantee set out to create transparent spaces for civic participation and consultation; as well to strengthen drafting skills and to promote local governance such as Local Development Plans, an Annual Investment Plan and municipal budgets. The activities aimed to empower the most vulnerable groups, women and young people. The project was relevant since it addressed the main problems facing public administrations – a lack of knowledge and skills within local government and the reluctance of citizens to get involved and to participate in managing public affairs.