Strengthening Citizenship and Consolidation of Democracy in Chad

Grantee: Fondation pour la Démocratie et le Développement

The project’s objective was to build the capacity at the grassroots level regarding democracy. This objective was pursued through training the population about citizen rights and freedoms, including establishing a permanent observatory for national and local electoral consultations, and the communication of information supporting the construction of a democratic state. The intervention directly targeted vulnerable groups, farmers (both women and men); and on a wider level also reached out to development actors, trainers of trainers and local facilitators; and employees of local, administrative and communal authorities.
The project aimed to provide appropriate responses to the needs and difficulties faced by target beneficiary groups – women and vulnerable groups who were unable to take part in the electoral process. The method and the content of the training sessions as well as the message communicated via the educational media adopted were consistent with the project’s objectives. It was also in line with the priorities set out in the country’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper.