Developing alternative models of natural resource governance based on indigenous community participation in Aceh

Grantee: Perkumpulan Prodeelat

The project’s objective was to strengthen the capacities of selected local Mukim communities in the Aceh province of Indonesia. A Mukim is a subdivision of a subdistrict and comprise of a number of villages. The aim of the project was to develop, advocate for and implement an alternative model of natural resource governance that promotes the participation and protects the rights of local communities, fosters environmental sustainability, and advances the interests of vulnerable and marginalized populations. The grantee’s approach was inspired by alternative governance models previously implemented by other local Mukim communities.
At the time of project implementation, the legal framework which recognizes the Mukims’s authority and asserts its rights to manage its natural resources under Aceh’s Special Autonomy status was not yet enforced. As Mukims represent indigenous communities in Aceh, the intended strategy was suited to the need of enhancing the credibility of Mukims. The existing Mukim associations had not previouslyt been in district policy making since they lacked visions, skills, orientations and strategies to build equal relations with public and governmental authorities.