Project: Learning Democracy DemoLab in Hungary
Evaluation Date: September 2020
Report: [report link]
Lesson Learned:

Creating networks and achieving ‘network effects’ takes a lot of time that is often difficult to realize within the short period of time of a project. Therefore, projects need to build on

existing networks; or follow-up activities (with a focus on strengthening networks) could be considered. Similarly, peer-to-peer dissemination (e.g. school-to-school; teacher-to-teacher) is

challenging especially beyond presenting outcomes at events. Related activities need timely planning and targeting.

Theme: Youth engagement
Project: Creative Communication of the Nigerian Budget
Evaluation Date: July 2018
Report: [report link]
Lesson Learned:

While civil society organizations are interested in budget monitoring and are seeking to build their capacities in this area, the project did not succeed in engaging them with project implementation activities with communities. However, the project did succeed in enhancing skills and capacities of the grantee. Positive outcomes for the grantee include the winning of a proposal to conduct a budget tracking activity on nutrition with UNICEF. In this way, UNDEF funds helped to enhance the grantee’s network with other UN organizations.

Theme: Media