Create trust with the government

Build communication channels across all regions, not just capital cities

Project: Civil Society Engagement for Democracy and Good Governance
Evaluation Date: January 2013
Report: [report link]
Lesson Learned:

The project successfully engaged with local state authorities in Côte d’Ivoire, notably the Ministry of the Interior, the Union of Cities and Communes, and members of the national monitoring Committee. These groups provided support to the trainings for elected representatives and civil society actors. This paved the way for establishing the monitoring Committees which allowed for practical dialogue and debate on local issues.

Theme: Community activism
Project: Enhancing Dialogue for Inclusive Constitution
Evaluation Date: February 2012
Report: [report link]
Lesson Learned:

The grantee seemed to have missed the opportunity to convince the project’s former beneficiaries of the importance of continued dialogue, negotiation and networking to ensure sustainability. Since the Constitutional Assembly in Nepal failed and, taking into account the project’s long-term objective to establish a mutually shared vision of Nepal’s future form of governance, the project’s former beneficiaries could have played a lasting key role in further disseminating relevant knowledge and information, in particular at the grass-roots level.

Theme: Interaction with government
Project: Appui à la participation politique et citoyenne de la femme dans le processus démocratique au Burundi
Evaluation Date: November 2011
Report: [report link]
Lesson Learned:

The project was closely linked to the 2010 electoral challenges in Burundi to encourage women to vote and to stand for election. The election process, with a mandatory quota of 30% female representatives within institutions, was an important lever to generate collective awareness among all these leaders and shapers of opinion. This project also went beyond the elections by suggesting the creation of a National Forum for dialogue, allowing women leaders to overcome political differences and to exchange ideas on priorities to be implemented in order to improve the living conditions of Burundian women.

Theme: Women's empowerment