Increased Citizen Dialogue through Strengthened Media in Jordan

Grantee: Journalists for Human Rights

The project sought to expand the space for informed public dialogue on human rights issues in Jordan and contribute to building a stronger public culture of respect for human rights. The developed a training manual on how to use data-driven journalism to cover human rights issues and trained a group of journalists to apply these skills in their daily work. The project also aimed to foster a more informed public dialogue on human rights issues through the production of high quality journalism and radio programmes that actively informed and engaged the public on human rights topics. The project also leveraged of new technology tools to provide media with more factual information to produce human rights-oriented stories. The exceeded its targets including the training of 11 senior journalists and 69 students/junior journalists on the use of data-driven journalism and publishing 52 in-depth stories as well as broadcasting 12 radio shows. The project helped consolidate a community of journalists highly engaged in covering human rights-related issues. It also helped in setting higher standards for reporting, encouraging other journalists to adopt similar methodologies and widen the use of data-driven and evidence-based journalism. As such, the project contributed to building a public culture of respect for human rights in Jordan, with a focus on freedom of expression and gender equality.